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The Brutus Blog is dedicated to Ohio State fans for being notoriously nuts about all things Buckeye, especially their mascot, Brutus Buckeye. The hope is that some of those fans will have their fancies tickled by information and insights on these pages, and that others will be inspired to share their stories here.

Sally Lanyon
How Brutus Got His Name
How Brutus Got His Name

Letters to The Lantern, Tuesday, November 30 “Editor, If I didn’t know better, I would say the contest to name the Buckeye mascot was held by the University of Michigan. Really, how in the world did a name like Brutus win the contest?” George E. Shute, Grad Shute has...

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A Gift Truly Worth Giving
A Gift Truly Worth Giving

Brutus and Cheer Team fans, Put on your giving hats to help support the Happiness Unit of our favorite University! The Cheer and Brutus Alumni Society has been handpicked by Ohio State's First Lady, Veronica Meinhard, to be part of a Buckeye Funder Event. There is a...

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Block “O” – the official student section for Ohio State sports founded in 1938 and known for card antics

The Lantern – official, daily student-run campus newspaper

Ohio Stater – a member of Ohio Staters, Inc. Now coed, the honorary was all male when Brutus was created in 1965

‘Shoe – Ohio Stadium, referring to its original horseshoe shape

Skull Session – Seated band practice in St. John Arena two hours prior to game time

TBDBITL – Ohio State Marching Band, lovingly called The Best Damn Band in the Land

TTUN – The Team Up North, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Ohio State’s arch rival.

If any readers have Brutus, Block “O” or other memorabilia (ticket stubs to THE game), please will them to OSU Archives or turn them over within your lifetime.