Whether you’ve caught COVID, the flu or RSV, my wish is that the seasonal contagion you’ll catch instead is supporting student scholarships. If you want to pick one person to “be more like,” you might consider Jon Paul Peters, aka Big Nut, whose life purpose is student scholarships. Jon is on fire to raise awareness of the need for college education and to inspire others to support students. Jon’s enthusiasm inspired me to update my December 20, 2021 blog post on scholarships!

Being the co-creator of Brutus Buckeye, my bias is to support scholarships for the student athletes who bring Brutus to life. In the first half of Brutus’s life, his crew of athletes were all volunteers. At some point, their books were paid for—no tuition, no housing, no big ticket items. In preparation for Brutus’s 50th birthday in 2015, former Professor and rabid Brutus fan Linda Meeks endowed a scholarship to help rectify the scholarship oversight.

Oh, good, we can rest now! Actually, no. Despite multiple funds for Brutus Scholarships, the current level of funding annually spins off a mere $44,000. Given that Brutus has such a busy schedule, and it takes the time and energy of more than one student to meet the obligations of sports and community events, the funding goal is $320,000. Action is needed.

Where do you start? First, examine your heart. Next, go to www.osu.edu/giving. Click on the search icon (magnifying glass). In the drop down menu, enter a fund name or number from the list below, or a word like “Brutus” or your special passion: the college or department of your degree, diversity, a branch campus, etc. So many choices.

Linda Meeks, left, holding her 2015 award for supporting Brutus

Search function at www.osu.edu/giving

Brutus Scholarships and Activities

If you want to support Brutus scholarships, these are the funds, with direct links:


  1. The aforementioned fund set up by OSU Professor Linda Meeks: Brutus Buckeye Ambassador Endowed Fund (#640910) established in 2013 by former OSU Professor Linda Meeks; supports Brutus scholarships
  2. The Ohio State University “Brutus Buckeye” Scholarship Fund (#600915) established by Colonel and Mrs. George R. Nelson, their family and friends of The Ohio State University to support Brutus scholarships.
  3. Brutus Buckeye Scholarship Fund (#315169) providing scholarship and activities that raise money for scholarships for students representing The Ohio State University as Brutus.
  4. The Moor-Williams Friends of Brutus Scholarship Fund for Brutus Buckeye (#483858) Pending endowment by the third woman to serve as Brutus Buckeye, Emily Moor-Williams. Contributions to this fund will help the fund achieve endowment status earlier than scheduled. It will support students on the Brutus or Spirit Squad who demonstrate financial need. Follow the link for full details.

To support Brutus-related costs for equipment, travel expenses and activities that help others, especially children, look at these funds:

  1. The BRUTUS Fund (#314005) supports activities of the Brutus mascots including, but not limited to, annual scholarships, purchases of equipment and additional travel expenses.
  2. Brutus Buckeye Ambassador Fund (#313986) supports activities in which Brutus Buckeye is an ambassador who helps others, especially children, recognize the value of education and the mission of The Ohio State University.

Non-BRUTUS Scholarships of Regional Interest

Since I mentioned Jon Peters giving inspiration to the topic of scholarships, please check out The Big Nut – Jon Paul Peters Scholarship Fund (#640462) for freshman from Ohio to be able to continue their studies at Ohio State. Or, to support his funding of high school students in Northwest and North Central Ohio, see my recent blog featuring Jon and his wife Terese. They have several other scholarship programs.

Guess it’s okay to toot my own horn. Barb and Hank Huber Scholarship Fund for the Ohio State University Mansfield Campus (#317465) supports students desiring to become educators in the Mansfield/Richland County area. I created this fund in honor of my mother Barb’s teaching career in Mansfield Public Schools and my father Hank’s foresight to purchase stocks in my name to fund my education. The Mansfield Campus fund provides scholarships of $5,000 a year.

A Dual-interest Endowment

Inspired by Emily Moor (see Moor-Williams above), I set up an endowment last year: Sally Lanyon (née Huber) Endowed Scholarship Fund (#483996). Typical of my inability to make decisions, this one is split 50/50 between supporting a Brutus or Spirit Team member in Arts & Sciences and a student transferring from Mansfield Campus to Columbus Campus in Arts & Sciences. Several things are going on with this one:

  • College of Arts & Sciences majors typically have lower starting salaries than other colleges—making it more difficult to repay student loans.
  • Brutus and cheerleaders are busy enough without holding down a student job. (I worked at the Main Library and at Student Health Center.)
  • Finally, students transferring from regional campuses pay higher tuition and living expenses in Columbus.

Like Emily’s endowment, this one is pending until I’ve contributed the $100,000 minimum. With two $20,000 payments down, it will be three years before the endowment kicks in – unless other like-minded donors add to the fund.

I truly wish you a season sans contagious diseases. If you feel inspired to support college education via scholarships, please click on any of the funds above—or search on www.osu.edu/giving for something that aligns with your own passions and wishes.

Happy Holidays!

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